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Metaphor Group is a family business that specializes in the production of knitwear for luxury brands and prêt-à-porter. In its workshops, it offers a wide variety of techniques, ranging from artisanal hand knitting to cutting edge technology solutions. Qualified professionals accompany the designers, from the choice of the materials, and the prototype design, until the delivery of the collection.

Metaphor located its headquarters and main workshops in Italy, at the heart of a region internationally renowned for its textile know-how. The group is also established in Asia and North Africa, to provide its clients with more flexibility. Performance, tailor-made, volumes … Metaphor has the capacity to meet all demands and fulfil all ambitions with unique quality standards and respect for fundamental ethical values.


The group draws its strength from its ability to reinvent itself continuously so as to anticipate the needs of its clients: luxury brands and prêt-à-porter fashion houses. It's in Italy, in a region internationally renowned for its textile know-how, that Metaphor Group decided to base its headquarters and main workshops. Thus, the Group is situated in a centre of excellence for creation that is highly valued by designers.
The Group is also established in Asia and North Africa, to provide its clients with more flexibility. This international presence furthermore ensures sufficient financial stability to cope with market volatility.
Since 2009, our development in China has been constant. This presence in Asia has certainly boosted our production capacity. However, with us, volume is not obtained at the expense of quality. This quality results from the high level of competence and expertise of our teams, who are very rigorously recruited.



"Let's Rejoice! The fashion industry is being transformed by a virtuous trend. Brands are more ethical, more environment-friendly, and in need of reliable partners who are willing to get involved in the search for the best solutions to meet the challenges of the 20th century together, without compromising quality.

Metaphor Group has what it takes to help them meet and even exceed their objectives. Our assets, First of all, we treasure our rich cultural and family heritage. It guarantees a sensitive and highly qualitative approach of the product. The international scope, then, enables us to increase the number of projects and to offer the necessary tool flexibility, financial stability to brands, and also a multicultural interlocutor in their own image. Finally, Metaphor Group wanted a modern and diverse industrial set of tools for its clients, more vertical than ever, with an astounding capacity for innovation.

After more than half a century of existence, and as a new branch is opening in Tunisia, I wanted to mark the passing of time, which I spent my whole life chasing, within these pages. This compendium aims to reflect that endeavour and showcase our unified company."

André Leruth, Chairman


Metaphor Group is the result of a long journey, undertaken in 1935 in Verviers, Belgium, one of the wool trade capitals of the 18th and 19th centuries. It is here that Trimlaine, a full-cycle factory, manufactures high-quality products.

Merino wool, mohair, angora, camel hair, alpaca, cashmere and vicuña ... expertise of the noblest materials is the royal road to export. The products are distributed in all of Europe, New-York, the Middle East and Hong Kong. At this pace, the SME expands (hitting the mark of 200 employees at the end of the 60's), it modernizes the tools, and invests in circular and flat knitting machines and cotton machines. In 20 years time, Trimlaine imposed its mark internationally on luxury knitwear, seducing the great couture houses.

Before heading the group, André Leruth sets out to learn the tricks of the luxury goods trade. He is "at the right place, at the right time". Indeed, towards the end of the 60's, Paris is the place to be. It is where fashion is revolutionized by Saint Laurent and Courrèges and as its leaders, they invent 'prêt-à-porter'. Alongside Courrèges, André Leruth participates to this miracle that has profoundly impacted the way we dress. At the start of the 21st century, the company changes scale. After a detour in the 80's via distribution of its own products, Metaphor Group refocuses on its core activity: production. It successfully takes up the daring challenge of internal growth, with three branches (Carpi, Shanghai and Tunis), a very competitive production tool, and a laboratory dedicated to creation.

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